Crafting, Crafting, and MORE Crafting

The Cricut journey continues, and I am officially in love! I am seriously looking into buying a Cricut of my own since I’ve just been using my Grandma’s to learn. This week I was finally able to create my first piece of clothing, and I’ve barely stopped wearing it since. I’ve also continued my journeyContinue reading “Crafting, Crafting, and MORE Crafting”

Where Has this Machine Been all of my Life?

Exciting news! I finally used the Cricut, and I honestly couldn’t be more amazed. I decided to start out with using markers in the Cricut and have it draw something that I created on the Design Space software that Cricut requires. I don’t think that I can even put into words how pumped I wasContinue reading “Where Has this Machine Been all of my Life?”

You Truly are Never “finished” Learning

I was recently introduced to an online resource that I’ve never heard of before, Feedly. I am very new to this setup but from what I can tell so far when you get your new account, you type in the type of content you would be interested in and then once everything starts to popContinue reading “You Truly are Never “finished” Learning”

“Cricut” like…the bug?

So, when I heard about this learning project, I had a few good ideas come to mind. First, it was yoga, then watercolour painting, then embroidery. Although I really liked the thought of all of these ideas, I knew that I would never really be looking forward to doing them, so I started thinking ofContinue reading ““Cricut” like…the bug?”

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