Developing Relationships in an Online World

This post is rather bitter-sweet to write. This is my final blog post for my EDTC 300 class. I have loved this class all semester, and despite this being a fully online course, I have been able to develop relationships through the screen. The question that I have been asked is “How have you contributedContinue reading “Developing Relationships in an Online World”

True or False, But on a Whole New Level

Learning about digital literacy is in my books, considered a “must”, especially in today’s society. Things in the digital world are changing so fast, so it can seem pretty scary to put yourself out there as a teacher and feel confident enough to teach your students about digital literacy. I think something important to rememberContinue reading “True or False, But on a Whole New Level”

To Share Or Not To Share? ~ Digital Citizenship

The digital world can be an amazing place, but people can also take it to another level where it can become out of hand. This is why digital citizenship is crucial to keep in mind as a teacher, and just as important to pass onto our students to ensure their online safety. Ribble’s Nine ElementsContinue reading “To Share Or Not To Share? ~ Digital Citizenship”

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